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GODBER W. TUMUSHABE is a lawyer, policy analyst and social entrepreneur. He was born in Ntungamo district of South West Uganda. As the 7th born in a family of 22 children, Godber’s personal story is just one example of stories of many rural African children trapped in a cycle of poverty, a broken rural education system and education underachievement. However, by hard work, determination and perhaps good luck, Godber navigated through a broken education system and has achieved unprecedented academic and career success. He obtained a LL.B and LL.M degree from Makerere University, and JSM degree from Stanford Law School. He is currently a doctoral student at Stanford Law School. Godber established and is the former Executive Director of Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), a leading independent public policy research and advocacy think tank based in Uganda. His motivation for starting TEFEC is rooted in his personal story and his belief that investment in education for rural children is the most strategic investment to eradicate poverty, improve healthcare, spur socio-economic transformation and promote good governance in Africa.



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