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Curtains did fall on the June 6th, 2014 when the Technology Frontiers Education Centre (TEFEC) Board of Trustees and management unveiled a new idea at a dinner at the Lawns in Kololo. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Godber Tumushabe gave a presentation on his personal education journey titled; “Going to school by accident – the passion fruit story.” The guests all who are his friends came from the academia, business community, and civil society all were amazed at his story and his motivation to change lives by making the TEFEC idea a reality. The notable speakers included Bishop Zac Niringye who said that; “It is not guns that change the world, it is not big money that changes the world, but big ideas change the world. Today we celebrate the birth of a big idea. God’s favor is with those who make things happen.” From one speaker to another the TEFEC project was an idea that everyone had been waiting for. The President General of Democratic Party who is a known orator said; “Education is the greatest equalizer of humanity.” At the dinner the management of TEFEC announced a meeting which the project would be introduced to Ntungamo district. 


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