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Education and training at TEFEC is designed to equip students with opportunities and tools that enable them to succeed in post-primary education, career, and citizenship. Through personalized learning experiences, students are able to learn and master skills and acquire discipline needed for rigorous work in the post-graduate working environment. 

The learning environment at TEFEC is designed to nurture young men and women into the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. Our methods of instruction are designed to inspire confidence, arouse intellectual curiosity, and inculcate problem-solving capabilities in each of our students.

Education and training at TEFEC is tailored to meet the market needs of the present and the future. New businesses seeking to extend their innovation and performance frontiers are increasingly in need of top talent. Creating, nurturing and motivating talent is why TEFEC exists.

In our business model, students at TEFEC are provided with a menu of opportunities. We offer two career tracks to each student:

  • The University Track allows students to pursue studies at the secondary and high school level leading to entry into universities and other tertiary institutions. Students who complete secondary school and high school at TEFEC will have acquired additional business and technical skills by taking practical courses at the two institutes:
  • The Skills Track focuses on training students in the two institutes and preparing them for a competitive job market at all levels. One of the challenges of post-primary education in East Africa is that students who leave school are not employable mainly because of the way the education curriculum is designed and executed. In particular, Ugandan schools train students to pass national examinations and do not emphasize critical thinking and learning. Our business model seeks to challenge dominant assumptions and create a new learning environment where every student leaving TEFEC will be competitive in the job market.

Our business model is also designed to promote local participation and community service. Ntungamo Municipality and Ntungamo District Local Government, which are our host local governments are represented on the TEFEC Board of Trustees. TEFEC Students Health Centre provides health services to both students and community members. The TEFEC multi-purpose hall is designed to allow access to communities and provides training services for the youth, women and other special interest groups in leadership, enterprise solutions, and ICT.



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